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Gladiators take learning out of the classroom with outdoor program


By: Veronica Bade, GOAL student, Journalism Intern, and GOAL Ventures veteran…

GOAL High School is an online charter school, serving more than 6,000 students from all over the state of Colorado. Schoolwork is online, but in-person support is available. GOAL offers many unique opportunities… like the exciting GOAL Ventures program. GOAL Ventures offers students the chance to travel to new places cost-free while earning credits toward their diploma.

Students are offered a variety of trips including South Dakota, Arizona, and Utah. Each trip provides a one-of-a-kind experience. They can marvel at the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial or go on a thrilling rafting adventure on the Colorado River. Students have the opportunity to earn a variety of credits with each trip. These credits are awarded through community service and some pre-trip course work.

In chatting with one of my Ventures friends, McKenzie Moulton, I learned that her trip to Arizona was her favorite because it was “the longest one” which allowed for the opportunity “to connect with people more.” McKenzie also added that the trips provide “new experiences for people who don’t get to travel a lot.”

Participants develop lasting life skills such as cooking, outdoor survival skills, and how to work in a group. They have the chance to enhance their communication skills with peers from all over the state. GOAL Student Annabelle Reves said that the trips got her “to be out there, and to talk to people.” Annabelle also mentioned that she became “first aid and CPR certified.” Students can take the Applied Outdoor Leadership and Stewardship class which offers the chance to learn first aid, leadership styles, and trip planning skills. After taking the course, students can assist as student leaders. Students often leave these trips having built friendships that last a lifetime.

GOAL High School, a personal choice for more than 6,000 students, is a wonderful alternative to sitting in a classroom. The Ventures program is a wonderful alternative to “school as usual.” GOAL teacher Joseph Helzer said, “It is an amazing opportunity for students to learn hands on, and to have adventures they will remember for a lifetime.” From getting to meet people from all over the state to taking gorgeous hikes, there is a little something in GOAL Ventures for everyone.

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