Assessment Preparation: PSAT, SAT and CMAS in April 2024

Time to prep for PSAT/SAT/CMAS!

Image with decorative clouds and designs. Includes the following text and details. SAT& PSAT Practice 2024 GOAL requires all students to take the PSAT or SAT at their site: 11th graders: April 9th & 16th @830am 10th graders: April 17th @830am 9th graders: April 18th @830am Why Should I PREP FOR THE PSAT OR SAT? Whether you are in 9th, 10th or 11th grade, doing some SAT practice will help you score higher! A good score is nationally recognized! A good score can be listed on your Resume! A good score can help you with college options! A good score can help with scholarships! Scan the QR code above OR put this into your browser bar: https://www.khanacademy.org/digital-sat. If you have questions about testing, please reach out to your Assistant Principal or Dean! GOAL HIGH SCHOOL Logo.
Dear GOAL Students and Parents,

In April 2024 we have our assessments for 9th (PSAT9), 10th (PSAT10) and 11th graders (SAT & CMAS).  Assessments at GOAL High School are a great opportunity for our students to show what they know, how they have grown and how they score. 

All of our GOAL students 9th-11th graders are required in-site to take their assessments with us in April. We do recognize that students may feel anxious about testing. We wanted to use this communication as a way to mitigate the anxiety and provide you with some details and resources for testing. 

Students by grade level are required in on the following days and times (Locations may differ, double check with your site on your specific date and time). 

  • 11th graders: April 9th & 16th @830am
  • 10th graders: April 17th @830am
  • 9th graders: April 18th @830am
The details:
What can I do if I am feeling anxious about testing? 
Testing anxiety is fairly common among high school students. Here are some ways you can minimize or mitigate test anxiety.
  • 1. Test Study Preparation: Prepping for the assessments can help students to know what to expect on the test. All grade levels will use the same SAT prep.  Use the preparation link above or enter the following into your browser bar:  https://www.khanacademy.org/digital-sat
  • 2. Research the Assessment: Take the time to read about the assessments. By doing some research you can view frequently asked questions, assessment history, how scoring works and more!  Use the links above, specific to each test, to understand more about the test. You can also do a google search to read more about the assessments.
  • 3. Practice testing effectively: Make sure to treat your practice tests like the real test. No phone, quiet area, limit distractions, don’t use other materials and keep time.
  • 4. Work with your Coach! Your coach can be a GREAT resource for you and help you with anything testing. They can provide you with prep support and even help connect you to support with any anxiety you may be experiencing. They can also clarify any details and test expectations. Reach out to them with any questions.
  • 5. Ensure you know the details: You should know what time, day and what you need bring to your test session. If you do not know these details contact your coach and make sure to set a calendar reminder in your phone and on a calendar so you can remember those details. 
  • 6. Practice Self-care. Self-care is important in all aspects of life; however, circumstances where you are experiencing anxiety it is extra important. Practicing self-care should be very intentional for the weeks leading up to the assessment. Self-care are positive actions you do to improve or take care of yourself.  Self-care includes: eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, exercising, having good hygiene, partaking in enjoyable hobbies or sports, self-reflection (Journaling, mediation, mindfulness etc), spending time with family and friends, and practicing a good work/life balance. If you are looking for self-care strategies talk to any GOAL staff.
Additional Strategies for Success: 


Day of best practices: Follow some “day-of-testing” best practices to make sure you are ready and not feeling anxious.

  • 1. Block off your schedule the day of testing (It can add stress if you have somewhere to be right after testing, this can cause you to rush the test).
  • 2. Double check the time and day of the test, make sure you show up to the right session.
  • 3. Get a good night’s sleep the night before (aim for a full  8 hours of sleep). Limit caffeine the day(s) before as that can affect your sleep. 
  • 4. Eat a good breakfast the morning of (make sure to have some protein). 
  • 5. Make sure your ride to the site is on the same page for what time you have to be there. You cannot be late for the assessment. 
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